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Arlie-Avery Asiu Takes Hawaiian Music to New Places


WAILUKU, MAUI 2014– When Arlie Asiu showed up to a  music audition on Maui, the try-out turned out to be a live performance. Arlie, an up-and-coming ‘ukulele player, hoped to land a spot in Willie K’s popular jam session at the King Kamehameha Golf Club—but he wasn’t expecting to jump straight on stage that day. The ballroom was full and he hadn’t performed for such a large crowd before. “I was nervous,” Arlie admits, flashing a wide grin. “I was sweating.” 

He tapped into his inherent creativity and performed one original song after the next. Unlike many musicians, Arlie doesn’t rely on predictable covers to win the audience’s approval. His music is 100 percent original—and, as it turns out, universally appealing. Willie K gave Arlie the nod as he exited the stage. “Next week, eh?” Arlie’s songs had worked their magic; he got the job. 

Arlie started composing at age nine, after he was introduced to Wailuku Elementary School’s ‘ukulele program. By the age of fifteen, he graduated to electric guitar and high-octane rock and roll. Later he played drums in a punk rock band, Knife Opera. Music is his artistic medium and his influences range from Bach to Van Halen. But it’s the humble, versatile ‘ukulele that really gets his creative juices flowing. 

He recorded his first album, Everything in Its Time, in April 2014—just in time for his wedding reception. He presented the six-song CD as a gift to his Wife Kuhea and guests who attended the event. The first track on the album, “Song for Kūhea,” reflects their easygoing and fun affection for one another. His 2nd album 2016-Ukulele off the couch, gave Arlie a chance to stretch out more on the original compositions. Working  with friend and sound engineer Robert Tsuhako, also from Maui. they had completed his latest recording, My dog has fleas on November 2017.



"A new experience has arrived with this great project, undeniably unique in every way! When the norm gets challenging you can bet Arlie-Avery Asiu has created a more needed refreshing sound for the 'ukulele!


Pat Simmons (Doobie Brothers)

 “I put Arlie’s CD "ukulele off the couch" on while we drove to Hāna. Man, it was the perfect music for the drive. All the beautiful subtleties of the landscape are reflected in the variety of compositions on this album. Jazz, rock,traditional , Hawaiian—Arlie plays it all. His writing, musicianship, and arranging are extremely engaging. Buy this CD for yourself. You’ll love it! The perfect island style listening.”

     "Arlie-Avery Asiu has a new recording called "My dog has fleas" I've been listening, and it's a real homerun for the Maui musician. So many levels to his music, it deserves many listenings to fully appreciate the accomplishment.I'm looking forward to doing just that. Congratulations, and thanks for one of the best albums of the year"


"Asiu delivers another soundtrack-worthy slate of original works, with a performance style uniquely his own. It's always exciting to witness the emergence of another gifted artist onto the Hawaiian music scene."